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    Nature's Wonders


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    Nature's Wonders

    Post by nerdfighter73 on July 28th 2011, 10:57 pm

    Mother Nature's Wonders
    Creatures great and small
    From cockatoos to manatees to armadillos
    And every species in between

    A symphony for baby blue birds and cuddly chickadees
    An orchestra outside my window,
    Playing just for me

    Rain puddles to frolic in
    While watching a magnificent rainbow
    To make a dismal day better

    Green meadows to dance around in
    With my friends
    On a warm summer's night

    Wild wind to whip the hair from my face
    As I run barefoot
    Through wildflowers

    Winter sunrises
    Where the sun makes the snow gleam
    Like diamonds

    Bright colored, sweet smelling flowers
    That attract butterflies
    To my garden

    The moon,
    A mirror in the sky,
    Lighting the way for my midnight stroll

    The sun,
    Bearer of our life giving light,
    Smiling down on me as I work

    Blue skies,
    Our indicator of good weather
    Since the beginning of time

    Dew drops sprinkled on spider webs in the morning,
    As if by fairies,
    Shine like crystal beads strung on silk thread

    Mother nature is magnificent, spectacular
    The spice of life
    Our greatest gift
    Super Master
    Super Master

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    Re: Nature's Wonders

    Post by ZeroCyanide on July 29th 2011, 12:07 am

    Golly, this is really nice! I really like the imagery you used.

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    Re: Nature's Wonders

    Post by Sophie on July 29th 2011, 12:08 am

    Right, right?
    I agree~

    *proud face

    It's on the darkest days that the stars shine the brightest.

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    Re: Nature's Wonders

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