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    Day 9. Numbered Days


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    Day 9. Numbered Days

    Post by Sophie on August 12th 2011, 12:24 pm

    The hospital was a storm of activity, but Matt felt empty.
    It was as if all the hustle and bustle of the halls were unable to reach him... or if they were just avoiding him. He had tried to stay optimistic, he had kept telling himself to stay strong... what good had it done?

    “Tch.” Matt frowned, looking away from the lady sitting before him.
    “It’s gone into the final stages. The doctor said maybe a few days if you are lucky.”
    “So... it’s hopeless then? I really have to die?”
    “Matt--we’re trying everything.”
    “I know, I wasn’t trying to blame you. I’m sorry.”

    He took a shuddering breath, to keep the tears from falling.
    In the end, all his hoping had come to naught. Every night, he kept praying that some miracle would happen. The doctors would develop a cure. That his immune system would fight it off.

    That he wouldn’t die.

    Matt was scared of death.
    He didn’t wish to meet the Grim Reaper, and he didn’t wish to leave the human life he had lead so soon.
    Matt couldn’t bear to leave his mother and sister all alone, with no one to protect them. It was pitiful, how he had succumbed so quickly to a stupid virus.

    But most of all, Matt hated having to die before falling in lov--
    Quickly, he blocked out the image of Laeli’s face that formed in his head at the thought of ‘love’. They were mere roommates, nothing more. If Matt confessed, he would most likely just get another one of those withering stares that Laeli gave to show her disapproval. She was so cute when she was ang--

    Matt shook his head with as much vigor as he could muster, to rid the thought from his head. Laeli was a ‘princess’ from the upper echelons of society. They were incompatible. And with his own death trailing so closely behind him, there was no point to pursue the venture.

    “Don’t worry mom. If there’s no medicine to get me better, I’ll just have to get better on my own strength. I’m strong, so this is nothing to me. Its... its just another normal act up. The doctor said I would be able to live for years...” He paused, voice uneven. “For years! So you don’t need to worry at all mom, I’ve got it under control!”

    It was a lie.
    With every passing day, Matt could feel himself slipping farther and farther from reality. His mind was fuzzy, unclear, and hard to control. So many times he had caught himself staring blankly into the distance, completely unaware to his surroundings. Luckily, Matt had been able to maintain his focus long enough to carry on conversations, but his control was slipping. How much longer would it be until he couldn’t focus on anything anymore?

    Matt’s mother could tell that Matt was simply spinning lies.
    “Isn’t the girl you share your room with... isn’t she the daughter of a very rich family? Perhaps--”
    “I’m not that kind of person, mom.”
    “I know honey, I know.” She reached forward to hug Matt tightly, tears streaming from her tired face. “You’re always so brave. My little hero.”
    “Haha, you’ve got that right.” He grinned, awkwardly hugging her back from his position in the wheelchair.

    “I’m the hero.” He whispered into the quickly greying hair of his beloved mother, closing his eyes tightly to confine the tears.

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