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    Day 13. Tanoshiku


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    Day 13. Tanoshiku

    Post by Sophie on August 6th 2011, 1:19 am

    "I... wanted to apolog--"
    "Again? I thought we had cleared the whole outburst issue yesterday."
    "Ah... But still, it was my fault."

    Matt looked down, a complicated expression on his face.
    "It's just... just..."

    Laeli waited for him to finish his sentence, but Matt seemed unable to find the right words that he wanted. He just sat there, looking so... uncharacteristically Matt. The silence was unnerving.

    "Matt?" He looked up, a little surprised at the gentle tone. "How do you people say this...'I... I got your back, homie?'"
    "Isn't that what people say when they want to comfort each other?"
    "Pff--" He laughed, "Where have you been learning your slang from?"
    "I overheard some boys speaking in the hall."

    The two fell silent again.
    Eventually, Laeli grew impatient with the silence. If Matt wouldn't speak, she would have to speak first. Anything to get rid of the annoying quiet.

    "Well, what?"
    "Are you comforted now? Will you stop looking so sorry?"
    "Haha... thanks, Laeli, if you put it that way..." Matt smiled, but his expression was so forced that Laeli scowled.
    "No, this isn't working. I don't like it if you're so quiet, it makes this room feel too empty."
    "Says the one who always complained about my noise."
    "There's a saying that goes 'you never know what you had until you've lost it.' I want... I want you to go back to that happy, clueless person you were before."
    "But, Laeli, I just can't stand how I lashed out at you! It was like... like I'd never changed."

    He sighed, turning his head to face Laeli's.

    "Did you know? I was once a really unhappy kid."
    "Hard to believe."
    "No lie! I was always thinking about death and the whole 'what's my point in life' and stuff."
    "Then what's with this sudden personality shift?"
    "I... I simply realized that my life was short. There was no reason to make it so sad. Since my time wasn't long, I would have to fit all the happy things I would have normally gone through in 70 years into the five that I had left."
    "Finding out that you have a terminal illness isn't fun."
    "But making the best out of the time you have left... I think it's worthwhile."
    "Carpe Diem?"
    "Yeah, carpay dime!"
    "Your latin is lacking."
    "I took Japanese. Watashi wa raten o hanasu koto wa arimasen~"
    "Sore wa īwake de wa arimasen." Laeli replied, shaking her head slightly.
    Matt grinned, "Uwa ̄ ! Anata mo nihongo o hanasu?"
    "Hai, sukoshi."
    "Wai~ So cool! I didn't think I'd meet someone who could speak Japanese!"
    "I speak French, Japanese, Latin and English. My mother insisted on proficiency."
    "Ah, so we can speak in a language no one else can understand?"
    "You could... think of it that way, I guess.
    "I~ēi! Rettsu takusan no tanoshimi o motte iru!"
    "Please stop sounding so bubbly in a foreign language. It's unnerving."

    So ended day 13.

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    Smiley War
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    Re: Day 13. Tanoshiku

    Post by iKevinly on August 6th 2011, 2:11 am

    I love how. . .
    Pretty much, in this chapter,
    I suddenly didn't want to read any more.
    I don't want Matt to die.
    :( I DON'T.
    . . .
    T_T NOOOO!

    Also, as I said in gchat but I think the way I'm saying these things are just like. .
    Forcing you to change,

    It's just what I think would have helped.

    One of the things I thought that may have helped would be in the japanese part.
    You don't have to define it since, after all, it didn't have too much significance in the story (although it would be a really cool thing that, if they did die. . . .. . Laeli. . . . T_T repeated. . those japanese words. . . DX SNIFF*)

    At that japanese part, I kind of felt. . .
    Lost, in a way.
    I stopped reading and instead, just looked if that made sense. I couldn't understand the Japanese, so therefore I just skimmed that section.

    Problem is, I lost track of who was talking.

    :X I feel as if, I really like the smoothness of your conversations--yet sometimes I feel as if I'm utterly lost at whose talking.

    OTHER Than that splitting-hair little detail!

    I LOVED IT :)

    . . . .

    Matt. . . :(

    One peaceful, beautiful day,
    Everyone will smile,
    And everyone will be happy in the world,
    And I will be engulfed with No Alarms and No Surprises.

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    Re: Day 13. Tanoshiku

    Post by Sophie on August 6th 2011, 2:12 am


    "Watashi wa raten o hanasu koto wa arimasen."
    I don't speak latin.

    "Sore wa īwake de wa arimasen."
    That's not an excuse.

    "Uwa ̄ ! Anata mo nihongo o hanasu?"
    Wow~ You speak Japanese too?

    "Hai, sukoshi."
    Yes, a little

    "I~ēi! Rettsu takusan no tanoshimi o motte iru!"
    Yay! We'll have so much fun together!

    It's on the darkest days that the stars shine the brightest.

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    Re: Day 13. Tanoshiku

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