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    A not-stupid question that I urgently need advice on!

    Ketchup Girl
    Ketchup Girl

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    A not-stupid question that I urgently need advice on!

    Post by Ketchup Girl on August 2nd 2011, 9:48 pm

    (Prepare yourselves, this is lengthy.)

    So, next week my dad wants me to go to Washington DC with him and my cousin (by car) while my mom and the rest of the family go up north.

    I really don't want to do either- I absolutely hate going up north, and I have no interest in spending my last week of freedom on a road trip (it would take 12 hours to get there and it's really hot as well).

    I know I sound whiny, but next summer we'll be working on our extended essays and CAS and college crap, and I already had a lot of stuff planned for my final week.

    I really want to stay home, but my parents are set against me spending nights on my own and fear something horrible will happen to me, like some Edward Cullen bursting in at midnight to violate me or something. (For the record, we do not live in a seedy neighborhood with a history of such happenings.)

    Have any of you ever stayed home alone (for more than one day)? Is there any way I can convince my parents that I am old and responsible enough to do so? And is it scary?

    Alternately, if going to DC is inevitable, is going there worth the drive, for those who have already gone?

    Please respond! You will have my neverending gratitude!

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    Re: A not-stupid question that I urgently need advice on!

    Post by Sophie on August 2nd 2011, 10:13 pm

    Hrm... how long would you be staying home alone?

    I mean, just tell them how much you want your last week to be yours.

    Also, if all else fails, just tell them you can come to my house if anything horribly wrong happens. OHOHOHOHOHO~~ Nuts.

    (Edward Cullen! I will hear of no such thing!)
    (Seedy neighborhood. xD)

    It's on the darkest days that the stars shine the brightest.
    Smiley War
    Smiley War

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    Re: A not-stupid question that I urgently need advice on!

    Post by iKevinly on August 2nd 2011, 11:04 pm

    OMG LMFAO IDK WHY BUT SOPHIE SAYING, "if anything horribly wrong happens. OHOHOHOHOHOHO~~" just made my day.

    To be honest Monika, the post you just gave us now is decent enough to present to your parents.
    By that I mean, tell them that you want the last week to yourself.
    Start with persuading them about that,
    Then go into next year and how busy you will be,
    And finally tell them that you're old enough.

    My dad's been away for two months once and I had to live at Philip's house (although I guess that doesn't count).

    No it's not scary,
    You'll be fine,
    It's quite fun.
    JUST MAKE SURE THEY PACK FOOD D: I can't cook so my dad did. <3

    One peaceful, beautiful day,
    Everyone will smile,
    And everyone will be happy in the world,
    And I will be engulfed with No Alarms and No Surprises.

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    Re: A not-stupid question that I urgently need advice on!

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