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    Day 2. Warm Blooded


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    Day 2. Warm Blooded

    Post by Sophie on November 11th 2011, 11:20 am

    She couldn’t sleep. The nightmares, they consumed her. Every time she closed her eyes, she could only see those twisted monsters dancing behind her eyelids.

    Laeli had never noticed the nightmares before meeting Matt for the first time. To her, they were simply apparitions that appeared with the night, and dissolved with the day. It was a daily thing. But, she had gone for 17 days without those nightmares, so now when the nightmares came back with all their vivid horror...

    It was unbearable.

    And yet, the doctor had the gall to organize a party for her departure from the hospital. The surgeries had gone well--too well. Laeli felt guilty. Why was she still alive when Matt deserved life so much more then she did? He had a family. A mother. A sister. People who actually cared whether or not he was happy. People who wanted a future for him.

    She didn’t deserve a second chance, because she hadn’t wanted it. Prior to entering the hospital, she’d been ready to give up. Yet, Matt, who fought so hard... So hard...

    Laeli closed her eyes, letting the nightmarish images engulf her again.

    “Miss Legrandia. Please wake up.”
    When Laeli awoke from the nightmares of dancing masks and twisted smiles, her eyes met those of the steely grey of the head maid of the family.
    “Oh. Anne.”
    “Yes, Miss Legrandia. The Mister and Missus are waiting outside for you. I trust that you are ready to go?”

    Laeli stepped into her wheelchair, and was briskly pushed out of the hospital room.
    She refused to glance in the direction of the other empty hospital bed. She couldn’t. If she wanted to survive in the twisted power struggles of the family, she had to mask her words and ice her heart. She would forget Matt.

    Everything about him.

    “Mother. Father.” She nodded as a greeting to her parents.
    “Laeli.” Her father responded, without a touch of emotion. “You are well?”
    “Yes, father. Thank you for your concern.”

    The three boarded the limousine, and the chauffeur pulled swiftly out of the parking lot.

    “Perhaps you know of the boy whom I shared my room with, Father?”
    “That pauper boy?”
    “Yes... father. He died just yesterday.”
    “Did he now.”
    “His funeral is in two days.”
    “I felt it only proper to pay my respects. So if I--”
    “If you are perhaps implying that you wish to go to his funeral, Laeli, you know how I feel about mingling with the common people.” Mother interrupted the conversation. Ignoring the woman’s words, Laeli turned towards her father to continue her persuasion.
    “Father, he--”
    “It was a huge insult for the hospital staff to place you with that boy in the first place.” Mother continued, voice slightly smug. “His poor influence has clearly brought down your standards, Laeli.”
    “You heard your mother, Laeli.”
    “This conversation is over.” Father’s voice was firm, as if daring Laeli to continue to argue.

    Tense silence fell. She couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Stop the car.”
    “You are in no position to order such a thing.”
    “Yes I am, Mother. I was born into the Legrandia family, not married into. Meaning, in terms of bloodline, I’m superior. Stop the car.”

    The chauffeur slowed down and stopped the car near the curb. Laeli opened the door and stepped out into the sidewalk. She walked away, head high, ignoring the angry orders Mother was shouting at her through the open door. Father sat, silent.

    As soon as she heard the limousine start up and drive away, Laeli leaned against the wall, panting with the effort it took her to walk the few meters. Stars flew wildly into her vision, and gravity somehow ceased to exist.

    Her eyes were closing again.

    Would she still see the nightmares?

    So ended day 2.

    It's on the darkest days that the stars shine the brightest.

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