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    Day 4. さようなら.


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    Day 4. さようなら.

    Post by Sophie on September 14th 2011, 7:37 pm

    He could feel himself slipping. Maybe... maybe he had tried to hang on for too long.
    There were words... but they made no sense.
    A girl was calling his name.

    “Who are you?”

    She looked as if she had been physically struck.
    “Laeli... I’m Laeli, Matt.”
    “Matt?” It sounded so familiar... Matt? Laeli?
    No. Matt! That was his name! Laeli was the name of the girl he lov--

    He sighed. He couldn't. He couldn’t let himself burden her with that now.

    “Matt, are you okay? Do I need to call a doctor?”
    “Fine. I’m fine Laeli. No need to... to...” The words got twisted. Tired... He was so tired. “Sorry Laeli. Just... just a nap.”

    When next Matt woke, he found that it had already turned dark outside.
    A nurse had entered the room, trying not to wake him up as she took his temperature.

    “Oh! Sorry, Matt, I didn’t mean to wake you.”
    “No... it’s fine. My blood type is O negative...”
    “My heart... do you think they could use it?”
    “Matt, you’re not going to die. What’s the point of that question?”
    “Ha... haha, just in case. Do you think they could use it?”
    “I suppose so. Bu--”
    “Then please tell the doctor to use my heart.”
    “If... if that’s what you want. You still have so much more life left in you though..."
    "You don't need to lie, Ms. Nurse. I... I t-think I've gotten used to the... idea of heaven." Matt closed his eyes. "It... it doesn't seem so bad."
    But, if only Laeli could be there with him too.

    If only...
    So ended day 4.

    It's on the darkest days that the stars shine the brightest.

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