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    What's This Forum About? [READ]

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    What's This Forum About? [READ]

    Post by iKevinly on July 19th 2011, 3:43 am

    Hey guys! I'd like to thank Sophie for letting me be the moderator for this forum but let's get started.


    The main reason why this is here and I believe would be fun is because of things like my story, One More Time.
    I started it off with the simple two ideas:

    1) A guy will meet a girl but the girl keeps dying. The guy reverses time to save her constantly.
    2) The speciality factor. This is how, every time the guy reverses time, the chapter will restart.

    From these two ideas, I began to put more meat and more ideas into the story that I cannot say now or it may just ruin it. C:

    BUT. . .

    Main point is:

    Are you thinking about this REALLY awesome concept and want to shove it online so one day, someone may just take it up and write a real story about it?
    That's what this is for.
    If I didn't feel like writing One More Time, I would definitely put the story in this forum and say:

    "Hey guys! This is just a random idea.
    Imagine a guy who is--- yadayada"


    IT'S IMPORTANT that you say the WHOLE story. Although this is completely for ideas and one can take only what they want from it or in fact, one can build off of your story but can have a totally different ending, you should still tell the story in all detail.
    This means include what you think will happen in the beginning,
    and End.

    Why you ask?

    By putting your story in this thread, you're saying that your story is up for anyone to write from. Ideas or even the whole story may be reciprocated, but the point is is that your story is now up for grabs by anyone who's willing to continue with it.

    Of course, everyone on this forum is super nice so I'm sure they'll credit you with the idea~
    But main point and the TL;DR section. . .

    ~Your story is up for grabs the second you put it here! You putting your story here = I hope someone will get ideas from it.
    ~This forum is just for random ideas or really interesting concepts.
    ~Have fun with this forum! It's lenient in all aspects, meaning your idea can be REALLY in depth or a simple, "What if a girl did this and died."

    =) Thanks!


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